IN_PACT Asia Forum and Awards May 28, 2019 ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines


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  • AM Sessions

  • How is the social innovation ecosystem shaping the future of an inclusive ASEAN? As a whole, ASEAN represents the world's 6th largest economy - a body of countries thus constituting a considerable amount of economic might. However, it is estimated that 1 in 5 ASEAN citizens live below the poverty line. It is perhaps unsurprising then that social innovation is viewed as a major priority, with as many as 164,000 social enterprises have been established in the Philippines alone. Already ASEAN states have recognized the importance of innovation, with the ASEAN impact challenge being established to discover future key entrepreneurs and innovators. It remains to be seen, however, how the establishment of innovative groups will impact the region. This keynote speech will discuss and review the current state of social innovation in South-East Asia, and the ways we can expect this to change the region into the future.

  • Collaboration between startups and large corporations is key for fostering innovation in Asia. It can benefit both sides, helping corporates to enter and create new markets, drive innovation, and startups develop their products, to scale, and spearhead impact. But working together also comes with various pitfalls. This session will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for a successful corporate-startup partnership. This will give an overview of various possible collaboration models, and identify solutions to challenges, and collaboration qualification questions for corporates and startups.

  • Many, if not all, businesses claim to strive for innovation and excellence within their workplace. However, it is not enough to merely claim feats of innovation - a culture encouraging new and dynamic approaches to issues must be cultivated and embraced in order to truly achieve innovation and success. This panel will debate the ways by which a culture of innovation can be developed within a workplace, and the ways in which it can be maintained.

  • PM Sessions

  • As women have increasingly been afforded opportunItIes to participate within the workforce, economic and social prosperity has grown. However, initiatives such as micro financing have also demonstrated that women are not only capable workers, but are also adept at investing within their community. Within this keynote speech, the importance of women within impact investing will be discussed, shedding light on the critical role women play in sustainable and socially responsible investing.

  • As the fourth industrial revolution leaves its mark on the world, the degree to which we are connected grows deeper by the day. The ever-increasing ease with which individuals can contact one another has meant that geography increasingly plays a smaller role in determining the level of engagement between networks of individuals. This newfound connectivity has allowed a level of dissemination of new ideas and concepts never seen before. Within this session, we will analyze the potential for increased flow of ideas brought on by a more connected world, and its implications for the future of social innovation development.
    Room A

  • As we strive to improve the world around us through social innovation, it is also key to utilize precise methods of measuring the levels of impact generated by such innovations. Without appropriate feedback, further improvements to current social innovations becomes difficult to determine, and existing issues cannot be remedied. Within this session, we will explore the methods of developing robust and nuanced impact measurements, allowing for improvements in assessing a project's success.
    Room B

  • While many individuals have the ability to establish success local social enterprises, it is often another process entirely to expand these ambitions to a larger scale, where they have the ability to impact a wider range of individuals more meaningfully. Within this session, some of the common road bumps preventing smaller social enterprises from expanding will be discussed, as well as some of the possible solutions to these issues.
    Room C

  • The claim that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow is hardly an overstatement. Currently, it is estimated that as many as 24% of current social enterprise CEOs are under the age of 35. It seems likely that this trend will continue. As such, it is key that we empower the next generation of individuals with the skills and tools necessary to effect positive change via social innovations. This presentation will thus focus on discussing the necessary tools to imbue the next generation of social innovators with, and how to best achieve this.

Awards Program

The Awards are open for startups, accelerators/incubators, investors, businesses, academic institutions, and other like-minded entities; and they will be assessed by an independent panel of experts based on specific criteria. But more than the recognition, this Awards Night seeks to give a great opportunity to establish partnerships by bringing all key actors under one roof—even under one table!


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  • “I think that the topics that are being discussed are so relevant right now when a lot of businesses are soul-searching; a lot of individuals are becoming more conscious and asking questions about sustainability, about ethics, about equality, and inclusion so we definitely these kinds of platforms to exchange ideas, challenge our thinking, and maybe also even come up with new things and new solutions.”
    Co-founder and President, Human Nature (Gandang Kalikasan, Inc.)
  • “They come here and they show up with great passion and initiative to really make our world a better place. And it’s interesting that when I hear about the challenges, it seems to be quite similar.”
    Fmr. Executive Director, LIN Center for Community Development
  • “Actually, I really love IN_PACT Asia Forum because I can connect with others and learn about what others are doing and what their best practices are. So I can bring that back into my country and into my organization and then see the future collaboration.”
    Founder and Executive Director, SociopreneurID
  • “I didn’t realize how big it is... I think it’s a really good event and I look forward to more events like this because I think it’s really good, not just for the Philippines, but for Southeast Asia as a whole because people are coming from all over to come here today.”
    Executive Director, ldeaSpace Foundation
  • “I think it’s great that you gathered people from different sectors and different practices together. And in doing so, it creates dialogue and it creates understanding about the important issues and also what can we do together and have collective wisdom in the process.”
    Founding President and Executive Director, Green Releaf Initiative, Inc.
  • “The challenge of talking about inclusive innovation is really about understanding how the concept can really be put into action—to operationalize the concept… Every little story that is heard here today or is shared is an inspiration for other people to be able to operationalize the concept of inclusive innovation.”
    Managing Director, On-Off Group

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